Where is Australian Cricket at? Part 2

…..Part 2

Thankyou for your feedback from part 1

I know not everyone agreed with me, which is cool.  The reason for me writing these articles is to hopefully create debate and discussion.

So, I asked myself the question…“ Is the Australian cricket family happy?”

The answer is:  NO; no-one is happy.  The fans, players, broadcasters, sponsors, CA etcetera.

So I went to the Cricket Australia website and looked at their mission statement and it read…

“The strategy has five pillars that are critical to achieve the vision to be Australia’s favourite sport:”

1. Put fans first;
2. Produce the best teams, players and officials in the world;
3. Increase participation substantially and inspire the next generation of players and fans;
4. Provide world-class leadership and management and unify Australian Cricket;
5. Grow investment in the game.

The above mission statement sounds wonderful and is great, but in my opinion it hasn’t been delivered and results at the end of the day are what count, along with the future of the game. When we were number 1 there weren’t mission statements flying around, but we got the selection process right and the best 11 were selected for every game.  Example:  Glenn McGrath didn’t want to be rotated or rested, he wanted to play every game, and we all did.

It’s simple, select your best 11 for each form of the game, not the same 11 but your best available team at all times.

So saying that, my teams would be as follows:

20/20 team

(Watson will be fit when the next 20/20 is played.)

1. Finch
2. Warner
3. Marsh S
4. Watson
5. Maxwell
6. Wade (C)
7. Faulkner
8. Coulter-Nile
9. Starc
10. McKay
11. Doherty
12. Beer
13. Cutting
14. Henriques or M Marsh when fit.
15. M Johnson

1-day team 

(Watson comes back in when fit for whatever batsman is not performing)

1. Finch
2. Warner
3. Marsh S
4. Clarke (C)
5. Bailey
6. Wade
7. Maxwell (Floater)
8. Faulkner
9. Coulter-Nile
10. Starc
11. McKay
12. Hauritz
13. Henriques
14. Marsh M
15. M Johnson


Test team 
(My squad of 18 players.  Watson will be fit when the next test is played)

1. Warner
2. Watson
3. Marsh S
4. Clarke (C)
5. Ferguson
6. Wade
7. Faulkner
8. Coulter-Nile
9. Siddle
10. Pattinson
11. Lyon
12. Hughes P
13. Maxwell
14. Starc
15. Khawaja
16. Harris R
17. Henriques
18. Jackson Bird

This is the sqad of players that I think can help us get back to Number 1 in the world.

1-day cricket

We have changed the rules/ laws too many times in this form of the game, everyone is confused.  It is time to de-regulate 1 day cricket.  No restrictions with the field, none, place the fielders anywhere you want, this will create so many options and the attacking captains and teams will win.  The only law should be that no bowler can bowl more than 10 overs.


Increase the max per bowler to 5 overs not 4, so 4 bowlers can bowl 5 overs and each ground should be as big as possible.

Last thought for this article; no matter what form of the game is being played, the pitch must be a contest between bat and ball.

Still lots to talk through, like grass roots cricket, state of spin bowling, cricket academy and domestic cricket.   Part 3 and 4 later this week…

Hope you enjoyed Part 2!